Friday, September 05, 2008

Georgia Tech - Boston College Challenge

What a difference a year makes... last year this time, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Boston College Eagles were ranked, and in contention for the ACC Title. This year, Tech has a new coach, a new offense, new uniforms, and a bunch of young players going on the road for the first time this season.

On the other hand, Boston College is having to regroup after losing their All-Star QB Matt Ryan to the first round of the NFL draft (he's an Atlanta Falcon, now). Tech travels to the frosty environs of the Screechin' Eagles for their first ACC game of the season... a noon kickoff... once again, a far cry from their prime time evening showdown on ABC TV last year!

As has become his custom, my buddy David, over at SullsBlog, wants to renew our challenge from last year since he's convinced that the NEW Jackets won't be much of a match for the Eggles.

I literally bleed White & Gold, I'm taking David up on his challenge:

In the unlikely event that Boston College lucks up and beats Tech, plezWorld will prominently display the following Boston College logo on this site for all of next week.

Likewise, when Georgia Tech demonstrates it football prowess and runs all over Boston College, SullsBlog will prominently display the following Georgia Tech logo on his site for all of next week.

ESPN's Heather Dinich has come up with the following prediction for Saturday:
Boston College 24, Georgia Tech 21 -- This one is based on the fact that the Eagles played Navy two seasons ago and won 25-24 on a last-second field goal. BC's defense remembers that game and knows it can't afford to get into a shootout with Paul Johnson. Plus, it has seasoned defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani and home field advantage.

plez sez: what poor Heather and David don't realize is that if the Eagles could barely beat a Paul Johnson coached Navy squad, there ain't NO WAY that they are gonna beat the Yellow Jackets with superior athletes! also, they don't have Matt Ryan to bail them out of tight situations. and Tech's defense is firing on all cylinders.

and look this up, Tech's brand new offense ran up 41 points on a solid Jacksonville State last week (which incidently was quarterbacked by exiled ex-LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux from the National Championship team), while BC struggled to score 21 against a woeful Kent State!

the money is on plezWorld waking up to Buzz commanding a dominant position over at SullsBlog on sunday morning!

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