Sunday, September 07, 2008

More on Gov. Sarah Palin's Faked Pregnancy

Sen. John McCain used poor judgement in selecting a running mate for vice president without thoroughly vetting her. Gov. Sarah Palin "appears" to fit central casting for the Republican's role of right-wing idealogue, feminist, pro-life, family values candidate, but when one scratches just beneath the surface you find evidence of corruption, deceit, arrogance, and blind ambition.

She claims to be the mother of a four month old baby boy with Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, a growing mountain of evidence that was uncovered soon after her announcement as John McCain's running mate tends to point in the direction that her 17-year old unwed daughter is the real mother of Trig Palin. To make matters even more confusing, this 17-year old unwed daughter is apparently 5 months pregnant now (and has revealed the name of the father who plans to make her an "honest woman").

In order for the story about her daughter to fly, one has to believe that Gov. Sarah Palin waited until she was 7 months pregnant before telling the world (because no one could tell from looking at her), flew from Texas to Alaska on a commercial flight of more than 8 hours with a layover in Seattle even though her water had broken more than 12 hours earlier, gave birth to a premature baby in a small regional medical center which provides no evidence of the birth, and then went back to work 3 days after giving birth to a premature special needs baby. But the ONLY proof that Sarah Palin is the mother of Trig Palin is the "press release" conveniently stating that Bristol is 5 months pregnant and plans to marry the father of the baby. So one is led to believe that Bristol is not Trig's mother because she would've had to be pregnant with her current baby when Trig was born in April.

The mainstream media (MSM) has dispatched an army of investigative reporters to Alaska to vet Sarah Palin, since it seems that the McCain campaign is reluctant to do so. Since plezWorld lacks the funds for such an expedition, I've had to rely on newpaper articles, other blogs, news reports, and good ole YouTube to conduct a thorough plezVetting. What follows is the most comprehensive compendium of "facts" surrounding Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy that was gleaned from a fellow blogger. Please note that a number of links and YouTube videos are no longer accessible or available, the McCain campaign has been working overtime over the past week scrubbing incriminating pictures, stories, and videos from the Internet.

Do not be alarmed with the links that no longer work, the McCain camp is only doing its job!

Here are as many important Sarah Palin DOCUMENTED links that I can find:
  • ~LINK~ Start of the Big Lie: Sarah Palin breaks the news of her pregnancy to Alaskan television (3/6/08)

  • ~LINK~ Staff didn't know she was 7 mo.'s preggie, why? 3/6/08

  • ~LINK~ was planning to hike on Alaskan Glacier(about 2/20) at 6.5 mo.s' on TV Show, look how she carries herself, she forget to tell the crew she was pregnant! Click read recent blog post. Unfit to be a MOTHER, hiking a glacier 6 months pregnant, unfit to GOVERN!

  • ~LINK~ photo 3/9 - 7 months pregnant

  • ~LINK~ photo 3/14 - 7 months pregnant. she "forgot" to wear her corsett that day

  • ~LINK~ photo 4/11 - 7 days before giving birth, look at face, in Anchorage, hundreds of miles from home.

  • ~LINK~ Four days after giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome, she was giving a speech at a National Junior Honor Society induction!

  • ~LINK~ She attended the governors conference on April 17th in Dallas, Texas. Her water broke that morning prior to giving a speech at the conference (she was 8 months pregnant with a baby that she knew had Down Syndrome and was flying around the country giving a speech). After the speech, she board an Alaskan Airlines flight for the 8 hour flight home, which included a layover in Seattle... this happened AFTER her water broke!

  • ~LINK~ Happy Birthday Trig: 3/16 travelled to Texas, 8.5 mo.'s pregnant, flew back 10 hrs with water dripping! Gave birth 3/18

  • ~LINK~ If in fact Sarah did give birth, she was back at work, holding a meeting on the proposed natural gas pipeline three days after giving birth to her fifth child - a premature special needs baby (she even brought the baby to the meeting with her)

  • ~LINK~ Mat-Su Regional never recorded the birth of Trig Palin - if they did, this story would not exist!

  • ~LINK~ Bristol is only 17, she looks like a full blown "woman", Who is holding and being "mommy" to Trig? *** BROKEN LINK ***

  • ~LINK~ More of Bristol with her baby. She will be a good mother! *** BROKEN LINK ***

  • ~LINK~ Doctor Cathy Baldwin-Johnson - 2/3 of the way down. Specialist in Child abuse. Appointed by Sarah to Alaskan Health Council in May, gave Sarah medical advice about flying and was the birth doctor. *** BROKEN LINK ***

  • ~LINK~ The delivery Doctor, a FP, is in Wasilla, AK, which is 810 miles away from Junuea, where Sarah lives in the Governors Mansion. Somehow, during her pregnancy from Sept to delivery in April, she has time to take a bumpy flight, make her regular doctor appointments for high-risk pregnancy, i would assume about at 200 mph in a small plane, it is 3 hrs away, most of it in winter weather. So her "plan" for a normal delivery was to somehow get from Juneau to Wasilla 810 miles away(driving) to see her Dr., a family Dr, or fly in likely bad April weather, 3 hrs, bumpy ride, 44 yr old woman carrying a Downs baby. So she didn't expect to fly from Texas to Alaska to have her baby, she did "expect" to fly from Juneau, in full pregnancy, in April skies, to deliver her baby in the trusted hands of her FP, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson. Why bother with an Obstetrician in Juneau when the trusted Dr. Johnson is ready for the catch in Wasilla, only 800 miles away!

  • ~LINK~ Now McCain campaign doesn't plan on allowing Sarah Palin to give any interviews to the press. She may never give one they say! And yet the answers are so very simple, the longer it goes on, the clearer the answers become. Why not just stop this mess, have the Hospital spokesman call a newspaper and give a statement, that easy!

*** BROKEN LINK *** tag added by plezWorld

plez sez: for over a week, plezWorld has believed that the governor faked the pregnancy of her fifth child (Trig Palin). everytime i begin to vacillate on those thoughts, i receive more information that moves me firmly back into the conspiracy column. combined with the number of broken links in my previous blog postings (here and here), i believe it more than ever.

right now, i'm going to need to see some solid evidence that Sarah Palin gave birth on April 18, 2008. if this is allowed to stand, this will be the biggest coverup since the JFK assassination!

and if you don't feel that our government is capable of deception, cover up, and conspiracy on a grand scale, then you need to check out "Zeitgeist - The Movie."


Hathor said...

There are no pictures of her Vogue Feb. 2008 appearance on the Vogue site. Some had questioned it on the site's forum.

epikles said...

I want to believe!

good stuff

epikles said...

Fact, my new theory is that they picked her BECAUSE she pulled off such a big lie. That's the kind of talent they truly admire

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

i tell ya what will be next?
none these folks aint really saying nothing about the issues, Obma is a little tiny bit, but it seems like Palin and McCain just mantra stealing when they need to talk about N. Korea rebuilding nukes like North Korea has fallen off the map

Unknown said...

Come on Plez…you’re better than spreading internet rumors before they have really been proven or disproven. I’ve see pics of Palin (can’t remember where I saw them) and she looked pretty pregnant to be. Plus I watched a special on her on TV the other night (shot in April I beleive) and she was showing her “baby bump.”

What if she produces a birth certificate like Obama did to show that the baby is actually hers?

Update: Here’s the post I saw with the pics:

plez... said...

the mounting body of evidence - much more than a photo that i didn't cite with an incorrect date - points to deception on the part of sarah palin. and to your point, it would be nice if a birth certificate or some evidence that she is indeed the baby's momma were produced...

unfortuntately, this story has been churning for over a week and the only response from palin is the "press release" with her "praising" her daughter for not having an abortion! some proof!

i'll put it to you this way, i'd rather not find out that this is her daughter's second child on NOVEMBER 5th!!!