Saturday, September 06, 2008

John McCain - Senility or Insanity?

It is not in good taste to make fun of our elders, they deserve our respect.

But when that elder is running for President of the United States, his record and stance on the issues must be thoroughly reviewed and clarified. Luckily, Sen. John McCain has an extensive record of over 25 years in Congress with the last 8 years of being in lockstep with President George W. Bush more than 90 percent of the time.

Sen. John McCain has lost touch with reality. He is "Lost in Space." Despite his seeming largess in the area of foreign relations, he still doesn't possess nearly the foreign policy acumen of Sen. Barack Obama. He is virtually clueless about our economy. And when one looks at his judgement under pressure with a jaundiced eye - be it his juvenile approach to his studies at the Naval Academy, be it the actions that led to him becoming a POW in Viet Nam, be it the decision to vote with Bush to invade Iraq, be it his incoherent explanation of his flip-flop on supporting the Bush tax cuts, or be it his flawed selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate - John McCain has failed time and time again!

One has to wonder if McCain's memory is fading due to his advanced age (if elected, he would become the oldest President in US history) or since this has been going on for so long, has he always been a victim of diminished brain function. View the following videos and ask yourself: "is this the man that I want representing my country as the President?" And if your answer is "yes," I suggest that you ask the title question of yourself!

[Hat Tip: Brasscheck TV]

plez sez: Judgement Matters!

  • John McCain was a self-admitted poor student while at the Naval Academy. His father and grandfather were Admirals in the US Navy, he basically skated through... and graduated fifth from the bottom of his class.
  • Sen. Barack Obama has a bachelor's degree from Columbia University. He has a juris doctorate degree from Harvard Law School where he graduated at the top of his class and was the editor of the Harvard Law Review.

  • John McCain was shot down over Viet Nam while "messing around" in his fighter jet, he was a POW for 5 years. This was the THIRD jet that he destroyed while a fighter pilot, he freely admits that he didn't always read all the manuals about how to fly the planes.
  • When Barack Obama graduated from Harvard Law, he went to the South Side of Chicago and worked as a community organizer helping workers who had lost their jobs when the steel plant was shut down and their jobs shipped overseas.

  • John McCain left his first wife who was seriously injured in a car accident while he was in Viet Nam. She required numerous surgeries and lost about 5 inches off her stature. When he returned from Viet Nam, he began to cheat on her and married Cindy Hensley little more than a month after his divorce from his first wife (you do the math).
  • Barack Obama is the loving husband of his first and only wife, Michelle. They are the loving parents of two adorable daughters.

  • John McCain was one of George Bush's hawks when he invaded Iraq.
  • Barack Obama opposed the war from day one!

  • John McCain voted for the Bush tax cuts, then said he voted against them, and then said they should be permanent.
  • Barack Obama was against the tax cuts, because they were only for the wealthiest of Americans. Obama proposes a middle class tax cut that will affect up to 95 percent of the American households, while proposing a tax hike for the wealthiest of Americans.

  • John McCain has said that he "doesn't care if we stay in Iraq for 100 years."
  • Barack Obama has proposed a plan to have US combat troops out of Iraq within 16 months of him becoming President... the Iraqi Prime Minister agrees with Obama timeline!

  • John McCain wrapped up his party's nomination in March 2008, but didn't select his running mate until AFTER Obama selected his right before the Democratic National Convention. His choice of running mate is an untested, unvetted governor from the state of Alaska who is currently under investigation for abuse of powers (she allegedly fired the public service commissioner because he wouldn't fire her sister's state trooper ex-husband after a messy divorce).
  • Barack Obama conducted a thorough vetting process to select his running mate after he won enough votes for his party's nomination in June 2008. His choice was the senior senator from Delaware and committed family man, Joe Biden.

It is pretty obvious which man possesses the qualities, experience, and judgement to be the next President of the United States. plezWorld chooses Barack Obama!

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