Monday, June 09, 2008

Barack Obama by Austin Maloney

6" x 6" Oil on Panel
Austin Maloney - 2008

Description of the Portrait: [This piece was] painted ...totally Alla Prima. I didn't even do a rough drawing. Because of this the measurements are not perfect but it gave the piece a very fresh feel.

plez sez: BARACK OBAMA caught at a pensive and reflective moment. i wonder if our current president has ever had such a moment over the past seven years while he has destroying our economy and plunging our country into a senseless war with iraq.

as soon as i saw this painting, i knew that i had to post a copy at plezWorld. thanks to austin maloney for sharing his artistry with the world. i am a proponent of true artists.

i encourage you to visit Austin's blog to see more of his artwork.

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rikyrah said...

I really like that portrait. Over the course of this campaign, I have seen a lot of cool art work come through inspired by Obama.