Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Solstice Saturday

No basketball. No football. No Tiger Woods golf. No interest in baseball. Seen all the movies on the DVR. Don't wanna go to the pool, but the SugarPlum will drag me down there anyway. Yesterday was one of my brother's birthday... he's a Gemini. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm a Cancer... so now I'm more fifty than forty! Don't wanna fire up the grill, but can't stomach another fast food burger with fries. Can't post about Obama. Don't wanna read about Hillary. And McCain is just too easy. Don't wanna complain too much, but there's not much to cheer about. Gas is too high to just drive around. And it's too hot and humid to walk. Today is the Summer Solstice, well, it occurred just before midnight last night. Did I mention that tomorrow is another birthday in plezWorld?

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