Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boston Wins (Again)

I'll admit it, I was rooting for the Los Angeles Lakers. I was hoping that Kobe Bryant and the Lakers would sweep the Celtics.

In this year's NBA Championship Finals, it was basically the other way around: the Celtics won all of their games at home and won a crucial road game in Los Angeles. The Celtics bounced back from their lackluster performance during the opening rounds with the Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers to take care of business against the Pistons. They turned it up a notch (especially, that awesome defense) against the Lakers who never really contended! The Celtics were pretty close to winning the other road games in Los Angeles, as well.

The score tonight was a blowout victory 131-92... so the Celtics are the new NBA Champions... almost 20 years after those Larry Bird-led teams of the late 80's. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series and the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl on the last possession of the New York Giants. And all three teams will probably contend for championships next season as well.

So, I guess that makes Boston, Massachusetts the center of the sports world!


Truthiz said...

The truth is, I seldom pay much attention to any professional sports these days; too many overpaid, and overhyped, POSERS for my taste.

But I have to say that watching Tiger's stellar performance and "Win", a few days ago_followed by the Celtics stellar performace and "Win" against the Lakers last night really was worth it!!!

Both events showcased, REAL talented, athletes, at their best.

I'm no Kobe Bryant fan and I've never gotten the MJ comparison?! But I took little pleasure in seeing the Lakers "routed" so badly last night.

I, moreso, enjoyed watching the Celtics "JUST DO IT"_lol! Those guys dominated, practically, from the word "GO!" They functioned quite effortlessly, as ONE_and the Lakers really had NO answer for all!

It was, IMO, "a thing of beauty."

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

im so happy for KG folk

Anali said...

It's a pretty amazing time for us Bostonians. I'm not even a real basketball fan, but I watched three of the games in the finals and loved every minute of them. Well, especially when we won.

Belated Happy Father's Day and congratulations on your award over at the Electronic Village!