Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Last 2008 Democratic Primary

plezWorld & OBAMA 2008! YES WE CAN!The fat lady is testing her vocal chords for the final aria of this very long and drawn out primary season for the Democratic Party. Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have scrapped for every delegate's vote in all fifty states dating back to early November of last year. Clinton entered 2008 riding a wave of popularity and name recognition. Obama entered 2008 riding a grassroots organization that is unparalleled in scope. He won early. He won often. She won late... and by all accounts, much too late. He had a strategy to energize the electorate and bring in new voters. She had a strategy to ride the Clinton name and have the nomination in hand by Super Tuesday... unfortunately for Clinton, the race has extended four months after Super Tuesday!

The race has been a drama of contrast and style and delivery. Often ugly. Often divisive. A sweet victory has yet to be found. There have been cries of foul. There have been allegations of classism, sexism, elitism, even racism. There has been discord. And even the whisper of assassination.

But it all comes to an end today, Tuesday, June 3rd. The 49th and 50th states will have their say, like the forty-eight before them. Back in America's heartland, the scene of so many Obama victories before them, South Dakota and Montana will cast their lot at the feet of the next President of the United States. Michigan and Florida have been resolved. The pledged delegate totals continue to tilt toward Obama. The remaining superdelegates stand at the ready to pledge their support, but only after South Dakota and Montana have had their say. And most polls predict that these two states will say, "Obama."

Late breaking news - as reported by the New York Times - has a number of Senate and House members ready to throw their support behind Obama after the polls close on Tuesday: Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, Sen. Ken Salazar of Colorado, Sen. Thomas Carper of Delaware, Sen. Benjamin Cardin of Maryland, and Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, who has urged the remaining Democratic congressmen to get on board with the eventual nominee after the Tuesday primaries.

Read the AP report about Clinton's final campaign plans here.

Read the New York Times article about Obama's efforts to secure the nomination on Tuesday here.

plez sez: i still contend that it would be a show of class, if Clinton would join Obama in St. Paul, Minnesota on Tuesday evening in a show of unity and solidarity.

as for plezWorld, my family and i will be celebrating Obama's nomination at the FOX Sports Grill in Atlanta for the "Official OBAMA Democratic Primary Finale Watch Party". yes, all three of us will be there for the balloon drop and exhilarating celebration of the nomination of Barack Obama!


BronzeBuckaroo said...

I am wondering if Obama will choose Clinton as a V.P. With their "hostile" history and the fact that Bill would be in the background probably second guessing Obama, I don't see her being his choice. Then, I am not sure he will have a choice. He will have to choose her. I guess we must wait and see what happens.

Laugh at me, but my dream ticket would be Obama and Colin Powell. Yes, I told you it was a "dream."

plez... said...

i would simply love it, if Obama had an alternative to Clinton... i feel she is self-serving, duplicitous, and FAKE! personally, i wouldn't trust her & Bill being "a heartbeat away from the Presidency"... something tells me that the temptation would be too great!

on the other hand, she has an appeal with a LARGE portion of the electorate and it appears that some would vote for an Obama-Clinton ticket more readily that an Obama-SomeoneElse ticket!