Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tiger's Fourteenth

Fighting off the effects of surgery on his left knee, nineteen more holes of Torrey Pines, and a determined and pesky foe, by the name of Rocco Mediate, Tiger Woods held on to win his fourteenth major title: the 108th PGA Tour United States Open.

After an unspectacular the fourth round on Sunday afternoon, the playoff round was full of high drama: Woods took a three stroke lead to the tenth hole, only to have Mediate bounce back to take the lead with three straight birdie holes (13, 14, 15). Tiger had to sink birdie putt on the 18th hole of the playoff round to continue the match. It took one more hole and a wayward tee shot by Mediate for Woods to finally seal the deal.

This had to be the most fun and most nerve-racking round of golf that I've ever witnessed. By the 18th hole, I as half rooting for Mediate (who would've been the oldest golfer to win the US Open at 45 years old and this would've been his first major) and half cheering for Tiger (who was in the hunt for his 14th major - only four behind Jack Nicholas - while playing with a sore knee).

Tiger has won the Masters 4 times, the US Open 3 times, the British Open 3 times, and the PGA Championship 4 times. He's the man!

I have a lot of respect for Mediate who played the weekend of his life. He faced down Tiger Woods in a head-to-head battle that came down to one putt. And Tiger Woods added one more accolade to his stellar career. Thanks guys!


Truthiz said...

Plez, I'm neither a fan of golf nor Tiger.

But I can appreciate REAL talent whenever and whereever I see it.

Watching Tiger play the final holes on Sunday and Monday_gutting it out through the pain_was really something!

He displayed the stuff that "true" Champions are made of!

Fergie said...

Not a golf fan, but I must admit that was a Jordan-esque performance on a bad knee. That dude is BAD!!!