Tuesday, June 03, 2008

YES WE CAN! President Obama...

Photo courtesy of my Palm Treo 680

... has a nice ring to it!

BARACK OBAMA secured the Democratic Presidential nomination at 10:00 tonight!

16 months. Millions of votes. Hundreds of thousands of miles. 54 primaries & caucuses.

It is truly time for a change!


David Sullivan said...

Didn't I tell ya!!!

plez... said...

i must admit, you called it several months ago!

and even though, i am an ardent Obama supporter, i could not fathom the Clintons losing the nomination.

Truthiz said...

The truthiz, by the time this is all over_I mean, Really over_ the Clintons may have lost more than the nomination and the respect of the their friends and supporters(?)

They may lose what's left of their minds(?!)..because they can NOT fathom the reality that Obama, a young, BLACK man, who came out of nowhere, with NO "establishment backing, has DEFEATED them!

The Clintons have shown themselves to be little more than Narcissistic THUGS incapable of recognizing that it is indeed a NEW day in America.

"CHANGE" is in the air_lol!

...and I truly believe that Barack Obama WILL be our next President and Hillary will NOT be his VP.

plez... said...


you speak the truth. after that stunt the Clintons pulled last night (with her not conceding the nomination to Obama), i am inclined to think that he should NOT offer the VP role. i don't know that he could trust either bill or hillary to have HIS best interest at heart over the next five months... will they jump at EVERY opportunity to undermine his authority and leadership? will they actually campaign for him to win in 2008 OR for her to win in 2012?!? would he need to hire a cadre of food tasters?

i'm thinking Obama needs to find another candidate who can shore up those areas where he has shown vulnerability during the primaries: white women, uneducated whites, latinos, reagan democrats, etc. and then gracefully thank hillary for her competitive spirit as he shows her back to her seat in the Senate!

Truthiz said...

BTW: This morning, Barack gave what is being described as an "Outstanding" and "Extraordinary" speech before AIPAC.

The man had the people on their feet, they were blown away!!!

There's, NO doubt in my mind that Obama has the potential to be one of the greatests_if not THE greatest_President in modern American history!