Tuesday, June 03, 2008

YES WE CAN! Only 4 More!

Photo courtesy of my Palm Treo 680
It's 8:24 PM EST, plezWorld & plezWife are currently embedded at the Obama Finale Watch Party at FOX Sports Grill in Atlanta.

CNN reports that Barack Obama is only FOUR delegate votes away from the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination.

It's historic, ya'll!!!


Francis Holland said...

On a slightly different topic, There are six US States that have over 20% Blacks but that, nonetheless, will not have a single Black blog credentialed to report from the Democratic National Convention.

It seems like the Howard Dean 50-state outreach program should have been called 50-state outreach to whites, and Blacks be damned.

I think Black blogs can help to get out the vote, if they're allowed to participate in the process. So this seems like an abysmal failure of outreach and a failure to credential the blog(s) that came forward and were rejected. What about you?

plez... said...


help me understand the issue... there are only six states with Black populations that exceed 20%. there are six Black bloggers who have been credentialed for the DNC convention. what about the states that have minimal Black populations, are you taking their numbers out of the mix?

how are Black bloggers going to "energize" the electorate in their state? and if a Black blogger isn't invited to the convention, how is that blog excluded from the "process"?

to my way of thinking, the logic behind your argument is a bit shaky... but it could be that i'm missing something... please, help me understand your alarm (other than the fact that you'd like to have more Black bloggers at the DNC convention... and keep in mind, i'd like to have more money in my bank account!). *smile*

Francis Holland said...

The point of state bloggers was a "fifty-state" strategy in which no corner of the country would be left uncontested, right? And yet the assumption was that white blogs that have no Black readers could somehow help the Democrats to contest those fifty states.

Well, if blogs help activism and turnout, then the DNC should want the participation of Black blogs if it wants Black activism and turnout.

Or does the DNC believe it can elect the first Black president of the United States WITHOUT intense Black activism and turnout? Their policy simply doesn't make any strategic sense, and that leads me to believe that the policy is based on color-aroused exclusion based on skin color.

Remember that Southern restaurants often excluded all Blacks, even though Blacks could have paid for food and increased the restaurants' daily receipts and profit margin. But decision-making based on color-associated animosity was more important to those restaurateurs than were increased profits.

I think we're seeing another such situation playing itself out, where the exclusion of Blacks from DNC blogging is believed to me more successful than electoral success.

plez... said...


your agenda notwithstanding (that agenda being a fervent desire to have more Black bloggers in attendance at the DNC convention than will ever receive an invitation, whatever number that is), i am sure that the prospect of sending BARACK OBAMA to the white house trumps any petty or self-serving squabbles that may bubble up around him.

HURRAY! there will be at least seven Black bloggers at the DNC convention. and to my way of thinking, you have not substantiated a cause for alarm at the numbers that will be represented.