Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney Calls it Quits Today

The Washington Post reports that Mitt Romney has decided to drop out of the race as he has done little to challenge front runner John McCain (R-AZ) for the Republican presidential nomination. He has only done marginally better than third place foe, Mike Huckabee. Romney has been funding this run from his personal fortune and the mounting costs of the campaign have not been translating into votes in the primaries.

Read the entire Washington Post article here.

plez sez: a few months ago, i predicted that my least favorite candidates (hillary & mitt) would capture their parties' nominations and would face off in november. i am happy to say that i was WAY OFF! romney is out and the fate of the sputtering clinton campaign will probably not be evident until march or april (or maybe even the democratic convention in july).

for some reason romney thought focus-groups and running on conservative poll results would energize a complacent republican base to run out and vote for him. maybe he didn't understand that most people view mormonism as little more than a fancy cult and they would never vote for him. maybe he thought that no one would realize that massachusetts is the most liberal state in the country, so he couldn't have been that much of a conservative to win the governorship there. and he must've thought that those tailored suits and expensive haircuts (without a genuine heart to go in the suits and an original thought to go in the head) would trick folk into voting for him. WRONG on all accounts.

the person to energize the republican base is not john mccain, it ain't even mike huckabee... it's hillary clinton! they have to hope (and pray) that she finds a way to win this nomination, because i don't see mccain nor huckabee holding a candle to a confident and inspirational Barack Obama.

well, that's one down... and one to go! plezWorld is still not feeling hillary (and i'm not even gonna get into how she had to dip into billary's meager fortune for $5 million to bolster her campaign last week)!

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