Saturday, February 02, 2008

Volunteer for Obama '08

plezWorld supports Barack Obama for PresidentNot too long ago, my wife and I got home from our first grassroots political event. We volunteered to canvass for Barack Obama on this coming Sunday (February 3rd) and Super Tuesday (February 5th) to get out the vote, so that he will win the state of Georgia.

I must say that the Obama Campaign is a class act! The staffers are very professional, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about winning the primary here in Georgia. The staffers who ran our training meeting were part of the Obama's BIG WIN in the state of South Carolina, last week. I live in South DeKalb County with a very high concentration of Democratic voters; it will be crucial for Obama to win in this area in order to win the state. We are gearing up for an equally decisive win here in Georgia!

We'll be out on Sunday afternoon, going door-to-door reminding folk to vote for Obama on Tuesday. And then I'll be up on Tuesday morning, going door-to-door reminding folk that they need to head to the polls and offering rides when necessary.

It feels so good to be part of something so historic... the prospect of bringing real change to Washington and providing a better world for my daughter is exhilarating! If you live in a Super Tuesday Primary State, make sure that your voice is heard... and if you can, vote for Barack Obama!
plezWorld supports Barack Obama for President


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Im proud of u all. now this is a real woman. chk this out he has a Coretta.

Lola Gets said...

I just saw my first Obama commercials last night. DC doesnt participate in Super Tuesday, our primary is on the 12th, but maybe VA or MD does? Either way, I did like the commercials. But, honestly, Im not terribly pleased with neither Clinton or Obama. Sorry.