Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's Super Tuesday - VOTE

I'm out canvassing for Barack Obama in DeKalb County, Georgia this morning.

Make sure you vote today.

UPDATE (2/5/2005 1:35PM): plezWorld pounded the pavement all morning going door-to-door and getting out the vote. most people were at work, but i did "touch" a few folk this morning. it feels good to be part of the process and i'll feel even better if when Obama wins the state of Georgia today!

the picture and this blog was posted *LIVE* from my Palm Treo 680 while on the streets of DeKalb County this morning.


Lola Gets said...

Um, er, I would vote, but the polls arent open in DC today. But Ill keep you in mind next weel!


tom said...

I've been waiting a long time, and finally got to vote for Barack Obama. What a great feeling to vote for someone you are really really really for!

CapCity said...

i agree, Tom. This is the first time I'm not playing: eeny meeny miney moe - who-ever wins Lawd just let my people go! LOL!

endangered coffee said...

hey plez-

I'll be voting in about two hours, and it looks like you got me in the Obama camp.


plez... said...

it feels great to vote FOR someone as opposed to voting AGAINST everyone else!

fermicat said...

I voted for Obama last week during early voting (I'm also in DeKalb County). I hope he does well so that I can vote for him again in November!