Friday, February 01, 2008

African American Men for Hillary - A Joke, Right?

This was obviously done prior to the South Carolina Primary last week:

What a cast of characters to speak on hillary's behalf:
Rep. Charles Rangel - (D-NY) - I'll give ole boy a pass, since he is well past his prime and he is a congressman in New York and Bill Clinton's office is in his district.

Bob Johnson (BET Founder) - We already know how ridiculous this brother is... with endorsements like his, who needs enemies.

Bishop T. Lane Grant (Chicago) - What political capital is he talking about? And check out that wicked knot in his tie... nuff said!

Sen. Darrell Jackson (SC State Senator) - Since this was BEFORE the primary in his state... one could say that this dude picked the wrong horse in the race... Obama mopped up the place with Hillary (he got 55 percent of the vote to her 27 percent). Read a nice little write-up about his distinguished career in the South Carolina Senate here.

Hon. Bill Gray (Former Congressman and head of UNCF )- Old and irrelevant in this conversation... you got to know that his showing up was a favor to Bill to help fill out the program with a few more Black faces.

Mayor Douglas Palmer (Trenton, NJ) - It probably didn't take much more than a rubber chicken dinner to coax this mayor away from his cesspool of a city! It's funny, that he didn't talk about how Hillary's policies were going to help reduce the amount of crime that is rampant in the capital of New Jersey!

Willie Gary (High Priced Lawyer & Adulterer) - I guess the "hillary for president" campaign helped out with his $28,000 per month child support payments! read about it here.

plez sez: my, my... we sure does love us some miss hillary! hey bojangles, why don't we show miss hillary that new dance we jigged during the dessert.

old girl really scraped the bottom of the barrel to fish out these weak ass endorsements under the guise of "African American Men for Hillary"... what kind of *ish* is that?!? i guess no one would be offended by a group called "White Women for Barack," huh?!?

through all the gushing, brown-nosing, and cooning about (thanks, mr. gary), plezWorld didn't hear ONE, not ONE compelling argument why Black men, Black women, or ANYONE should vote for hillary clinton. some of the speeches seemed forced and none were heartfelt... it was a room of Blacks whom bill clinton had "cracked the whip on" to assure their presence at this august gathering. i don't know if i should be ashamed or embarrassed by the "performance" of some of hillary's endorsers.

ok... this makes reason #14 why i'm won't be voting for hillary clinton: "Shufflin' & Grinnin' Coochie-Sniffin' Black Men for Hillary"

plezWorld Prayer: "Lord, deliver me from this life if i ever gravitate to such a low station that i have to be a crotch-sniffin' lackey for mr. charley!"


Villager said...

It seems that (percentage-wise) there are more white congressmen supporting Barack Obama than folks in his own dayum Congressional Black Caucus. What's up with that?

peace, Villager

Lola Gets said...

Man, youve got me laughing and crying here at the library!
Teenagers looking at me all funny, nshyt. Alas, they still dont get it.


plez... said...

i don't know what to make of Black folks reticence about supporting Barack Obama. i keep hearing "fear" that he will not win, the "fear" that whites will not vote for a Black man, the "fear" that white folk will make up all kinds of excuses to not vote for a Black man... i can only say that i'm bolstered by the HOPE that the good people of Iowa & New Hampshire gave the nation, when they gave Obama overwhelming support in places where there are few Black people.

this is serious... *snicker*, i mean it... this is really a serious post! *SMILE*

CapCity said...

Lawdie, Missie Annn sho' iz rilin' da bucks to git us shefflin' to de polls... LOLOLOL! THIS is going to be GREAT material for future fiction works of mine.....I may as well cash in lak de res' o' Missie Ann's "stable hanz"....

regarding your: "Shufflin' & Grinnin' Coochie-Sniffin' Black Men for Hillary" ...does (s)he have a coochie? I thought she was in drag...

Plez - I love the way u rile us AND make us think! LOL!