Saturday, February 16, 2008

Palm Treo 680 - Speaker Issue

Alittle over one year (1 year and 10 days) after my purchase (just enough time for the warranty to expire) my Palm Treo 680 has started to act up. It is sporadic, but the speaker emits a buzzing sound instead of its intended sound (voice, music, or assorted beeps). It sounds fine when I turn the speaker off or use my Bluetooth.

AT&T doesn't fix phones and I have to purchase a new one at full price.

If I can't find a low cost fix for this thing, I guess I'll have to go out to purchase a Blackberry or an iPhone.



Hathor said...

I think one of the speaker wires came off or its connection is barely there. If you can get the cover off maybe you can solder it with a small tip iron (.032) and low temp solder.

I don't know if the Treo has a headset receptacle, but if that works it is probably a connection and not anything electronic.

D-Place said...

Oh man I hope this is no indication of what I have to look forward to with my phone. I have the Palm Treo 755 and sometimes it just turns off then back on. What's up with that?

plez... said...

you are assuming that i'm a lot more handy with a soldering iron than i appear! since the issue is sporadic, i'm thinking that something is loose in there... i think i'll try to find one of those cell phone repair shops.

yeah, my 680 reboots itself at least once a day (usually when i'm right in the middle of doing something). my wife says that i should scrap it for a Blackberry or an iPhone, but something tells me that whatever i have will have some inherent issues... by and large, i like the phone.

Bygbaby said...

bite the bullet & get an iPhone. It will make you happier!!!


Anonymous said...

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plez... said...

a few months ago, i figure sometime in march, the issue with the buzzing noise in the speaker went away and has not returned.

i was working in milwaukee, wi... and the problem started when my TREO 680 fell out of my pocket into one of those huge snow banks in the hotel parking lot where i was staying (this occured on more than one occasion). now, i'm thinking the problem came from the inner-woven-mechanisms of my phone (particularly, the speaker) getting wet as the snow melted inside of it.

over the weeks, the moisture evaporated away and the speaker now works fine!

Ginny said...

That is rough. I know just after the warranty on my phone was up, the front screen went white with one vertical line running through it. I could still make calls, but I was blind dialing. I had to just get a new phone, it's too bad I didn't know about cell phone repair sites like this one!