Monday, November 05, 2007

Crank Dat Soulja Boy - Variations on a Theme

This Travis Barker remix is HOT!

hat tip: Digirati Dad

Three friends Crankin' Dat Soulja Boy...

The way it's supposed to be done...

And the best rendition of Crank Dat Soulja Boy found on

plez sez: this has got to be the funniest *ish* i've seen in a LONG time... a rock drummer, three white boys, three black boys, and the next James Brown all doing their thing to Crank Dat Soulja Boy!

if you didn't know, as i am just coming to realize, "The Superman" was THE DANCE move of this past summer. i recall seeing all of the teenagers trying to do "The Superman" at the pool in my subdivision. what i didn't know was the broadbased and crossover appeal of the song with its annoyingly monotonous music[?] and chorus (even though Travis Barker does a remarkable upgrade of the song).

i have absolutely no idea what Soulja Boy Tellem is saying during a majority of the song, except "Superman dat hoe". this has to be the first time since the Pee Wee Herman, that a dance was this much better than its accompanying song (The Electric Slide doesn't count).

"...i did not Superman dat hoe, that woman - err, i mean - monica lewinsky."


Gunfighter said...


I hope you won't think I am the most hopeless man in America when I tell you that I never heard this song until I visited your blog.

plez... said...

don't feel bad, i only heard it because i spent most afternoons at my subdivision's pool with my daughter this past summer and the song seemed to play incessantly on the pool radio ALL SUMMER LONG! and whenever it came on, all of the kids would jump out of the pool and attempt to "crank dat soulja boy" on the pool's deck... i had no idea it was THIS POPULAR until i saw all of the renditions of the sound on YouTube.

...and Gunfighter, thanks for dropping by my blog... i see you are also doing NaBloPoMo this year. i'll add you to my BlogRoll so that i know to visit your blog everyday to make sure you're posting! *smile*

GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

Was passing tru and being nosey when I come across this post. I have to say I enjoyed the Travis version so much .. I *stole* it and post on mine.


plez... said...

if you notice, i lifted that version from someone else's blog, as well... he is really banging!

that was the FIRST version that i ran across and it was the only one that i had planned to post. but when i saw all of the other versions on YouTube (i had no idea it was this popular), i thought that i would include as many different variations of the *HIT*, as possible.