Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Whitney Houston on "Silver Spoons" (1985)

in 1985, i was a fresh-faced college student who kept hearing reference to a young, new singing sensation by the name of Whitney Houston. radio airplay of her hit, "Saving All My Love," had me liking what i heard: i can recognize TALENT. she had IT!

i stayed in my chapter's bustling frat house, so we had little occasion to watch much television, but i heard that Ms. Houston was going to be a guest on the sitcom, "Silver Spoons." i had never watched the show because the basic sitcom formula at the time involved some pre-pubescent smartass kid in some contrived situation: Diff'rent Strokes, Punky Brewster, Webster, Silver Spoons, The Cosby Show, Gimme a Break, Who's the Boss, Growing Pains, ad nauseum...

the following video is Whitney Houston blowing up with "Saving All My Love" (notice how she changed some of the words - "making love the whole night through" was changed to "holding each other the whole night through" - for the censors). dexter, the business manager (played by the late Franklyn Seales), falls "head over heels" with the gorgeous and sumptous young Houston and follows her to LA.

like dexter, i was smitten by her beauty and that soulful voice after this episode. i have been a big fan ever since, including her latest incantation on "Being Bobby Brown."

Whitney Houston on "Silver Spoons" (1985)


GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

I was a fan of Whitney but I was tired of reading her mess and sick of her yoddling in every song, just like I'm sick of Mariah whining and sighing in every tune.

Watching the whole family drama in Being Bobby.. oh lawd.. what can I say.. makes my tummy churn, had to switch off the tv with the quickness.

plez... said...


i can do without the drama (soon after we got married, my wife agreed that she would let me out of our marriage if i had a chance with whitney houston... but less than a year later, whitney married bobby brown and i'm still with my wife!)... but i still love me some Whitney Houston!

lama said...

Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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