Saturday, November 24, 2007

Soul Food - College Football Nears End

"I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing."
a 1970's Alka-Seltzer commercial

And eat I did... for the past 12 weeks, I have feasted on every tender morsel of the college football season.

Today, my family and I will stroll over to Bobby Dodd Stadium to watch my beloved Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech take on those dreaded & evil Bulldogs of the University of Georgia. It is sure to be one more installment of our annual Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate that invades the State of Georgia (and my household). My wife is a UGA graduate and this is the one game of the year when she will out-and-out root against the Yellow Jackets.

This evening (or tomorrow morning), plezWorld returns with an update of our annual household rivalry.

Other Edible Delights of Note:
  • Mississippi State securing a bowl bid while beating Ole Miss in the final seconds with a field goal (this is their first winning season since 2000 and their first for Head Coach Sylvester Crooms... congrats!).

  • LSU mucking up the National Championship Game by LOSING to unranked Arkansas at home in triple overtime (50-48)... I witnessed a Heisman Trophy winning performance by Darrin McFadden on yesterday afternoon (he ran, he passed, he blocked... he won the damn game!)

  • Michigan Coach Lloyd Carr deciding to resign before the end of the season, thus mucking up the concentration of the LSU football program (Les Miles will probably bolt from LSU at the end of the season to return to his alma mater).

    ...after today, all that remains is the dessert of a bowl season!

  • BLOG UPDATE (11/25/2007):
    As expected, the final course was destined to satisfy...

  • Mizzou controls their destiny as they downed #2 and previously unbeaten Kansas... thus crushing the Jayhawks hope of a National Championship.

  • West Virginia made a serious bid to play for the BCS Championship by rolling over UConn by the score of 66-21... I'm still wondering why WV QB Pat White doesn't get any noise for the Heisman?

  • Auburn whipped up on Alabama for the sixth straight year in the Iron Bowl.

  • Tennessee dashed UGA's chances of playing for the SEC Championship by squeaking by Kentucky for their 23rd straight win over the Wildcats. UT will meet LSU next week in Atlanta for the SEC Championship and a trip to the Sugar Bowl, unfortunately, the SEC beat each other out of contention for a national championship, again!

  • Florida behind a Heisman Trophy-securing performance (3 TD passes & 2 TD runs) by media darling Tim Tebow gashed a fading Florida State. Tebow finishes the regular season with 22 rushing TDs and 29 passing TDs (the first 20/20 QB in college football history).

  • And Georgia Tech wilted under their own mental mistakes and the running barrage of UGA. We lost 31-17 and we never really threatened to win the game, since we scored 3 second half points (a fourth quarter field goal)! We waved the white flag early and often: the first THREE SERIES of the second half featured the second and third string QBs... go figure! It was so pitiful, my wife stopped raggin' on me and actually shook a Tech shaker at times during the second half... now that's pitiful.

  • I suspect that Tech Coach Chan Gailey's name will be removed from the Head Coach office by Monday morning (he should be cleaning out his desk as I type)... check out this AJC sports column for all of the reasons why.


    Lola Gets said...

    Um, my comment isnt about college football, but I just wanted to say that...
    The Falcolns SUCK!

    Oh My God! I (somewhat) watched the game Thanksgiving day, and MAN, they BLOW!

    Sorry man, I just had to say it.


    plez... said...


    not only do the Falcons BLOW, but my Yellow Jackets BLOW, as well! they wimpered to a 31-17 loss to those damn bulldogs this evening!

    Lucky7Star said...

    Tho it was a bad year for professional sports across the board... But at the same time we were treated to some of the greatest games since 1936. It seemed college football was reaching back to its earliest days. Double and even triple wings, double wishbone, the old tried but true Statue of Liberty, tons of trick plays, with a liberal sprinkling of the fake field goals... Not to mention some of the most bitterly contested games seen in the SEC and the fall of the top ten teams from week to week. An altogether awesome season, hate to see it end on such a contested note... Wish we has some sort of play off scheme in place.