Monday, November 19, 2007

plezWorld on Michael Vick - Another Word

Michael Vick reports to jail, early. ESPN reports that Michael Vick has surrendered to authorities prior to his sentencing date in order to begin his sentence and get the sordid details of his federal dogfighting conspiracy charges behind him. Vick pleaded guilty in August to a federal dogfighting conspiracy charge after his three co-defendants pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with authorities. He's scheduled to be sentenced December 10, 2007 on a federal dogfighting conspiracy charge but worked out a deal "to voluntarily enter custody prior to his sentencing hearing," according to a court document.

plez sez: after vick pleaded guilty to the charges, i excoriated vick in this forum. i hate what he did to the falcons, his fans, and to himself. what a waste of talent.

at the time, the Dirty Birds were at 0-3 with zero wins in sight. since that time, the Falcons have eeked out 3 slim wins against an equal number of dismal losses. and yesterday, they turned in their worst performance of the season, barely escaping a shutout at home against Tampa Bay. it goes no easier as the Super Bowl Champs (yeah, peyton manning and the colts) roll into town on thursday night to cause indigestion for any Falcons fans with the stomach to watch the debacle!

i said that i wouldn't waste any more pixels on michael vick on plezWorld, but i gotta backslide on that promise, if to do nothing more than to issue an appeal to the owners of the woeful Falcons... you saw yesterday's game, out of three quarterbacks, we have none! with a bunch of overpaid coaches, they have provided no motivation to win! with a roster of crybaby, overpaid athletes, we have no winners!

the ONLY winner that this franchise has even smelled in the last SIX YEARS has just checked himself into the federal pen!

our draft day decisions have been abysmal, our free agent acquisitions have all been a bust.

the ONLY person who has made this pig's ear of a football franchise even smell like a rose has just checked himself into the federal pen!

as a resident of atlanta and witness to the falcon's ineptitude for the past 25 seasons, i implore you... no, i beg you: let's wait vick out! give him a year in the pen, give him another year's suspension, restructure his contract to the league minimum... but keep michael vick on the falcons roster! this has to be a business decision... don't worry about empty seats, they'll fill up for a winner (hell, they're empty NOW, so much for taking the moral high ground)! there's no draft day solution to the falcon's doldrums. there's no magic pill for a head coach to turn this shit into Shinola.

the ONLY HOPE for this franchise just checked himself into the Big House... when he get's out, let's get him back on the field in a falcons uniform... and let #7 win one for the ATL!


David Sullivan said...

Why bench Joey Harrington after winning a few in a row?

The playeres suck, the coaching is worse!

plez... said...

not letting harrington start this past sunday was a HUGE MISTAKE! i'm certain he'll get the start on thursday night against the colts.

but you are correct, we have no real players, sorry coaches, no motivation to win, a disinterested fan base... we are antithesis of the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! how about if you guys let us hold Brady and Moss for a week or two?!? *smile*