Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Milestone in plezWorld

My trusty sitemeter tells me that at 9:26 PM EST on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 (earlier tonight), a visitor from Kingston, Jamaica (which is 1,216 miles away) caused plezWorld to pass a significant milestone: the 1,205th visitor during the month of November.

This is the most visitors this site has ever had in one month!

plez sez: i know there are sites out there that have 1,200 visitors per day, but the thought that more than 1,200 sets of eyeballs have read, at least in part, something that was written by my fingernail-bitten fingers is a bit of amazement to me.

it gives one a reason to pause and think about what i am actually writing. i'm not a great philosopher, my analytical skills are average, my prognostications are frequently off-base, i'm not much of a wordsmith, and i am nowhere near a revolutionary scribe in the blogosphere, but i do realize that i have an obligation to those 1,200 sets of eyeballs... and the 1,200 minds attached to those eyeballs! i have an obligation to keep it REAL and an obligation to tell the TRUTH... even when the truth hurts.

i have learned that more often than not, the truth hurts!

to those 1,200 eyeballs and the next 100 or so who'll zoom through the Internet into plezWorld over the next couple of days, i thank you for spending a small portion of your day in my world. i hope that you will enjoy, laugh, think, or maybe even shed a tear to something that i've written... as this is truly a small, yet significant, thread in the vast colorful and luxurious tapestry that is plez's world!


Anali said...

Congratulations on the milestone! ; )

plez... said...

thanks anali... i could not have done it without good people like you! *smile*

Lola Gets said...


The Stepfather of Soul said...

Congrats on your milestone! I think you underestimate your writing. The fact is that you make great points and make them with passion. The blogs that I read regularly - and I strive to do the same with my own blog - are all alike in that they reflect the personalities of the bloggers, giving them life and vitality. You succeed on that score. So again, congrats!

plez... said...

thanks Lola! just another day or two until the end of National Blog Posting Month!


thanks for the kind words... it is the sentiment of yours (and others like it) that keeps me going in the blogospher.

Villager said...

Congratulations on the milestone. I think it is important to track the metrics of our websites. I'm glad to see that you are doing so. Have you begun to monetize your blog yet?

peace, Villager