Sunday, November 11, 2007

plezWorld on The AfroSpear

The AfroSpear

plezWorld joined this little group about 6 months ago with about two dozen other erstwhile Black bloggers from around the world. since that time, the membership has swelled to close to 100 member blogs.

i've virtually met some very interesting folk (and i ain't gonna name 'em here because i know i'll leave someone off) and have had a great time honing my writing skills, debate chops, and reasoning skills as a result of communicating with some of the brightest minds of the blogosphere.

a few things i've learned as a result of my affiliation with the AfroSpear:
  • i am a damn good husband and father - i love my family and they love me... and i'm so fortunate because there a lot of people out there who would love to be in my shoes.
  • i am not a Liberal - if anything, i have a growing disdain for those who spout a Liberal dogma... it does nothing for me... i'm a straight up Moderate - as shown here and here.
  • i am not very Religious - kinda spiritual, maybe even agnostic... all those chilly mornings that my older brothers dragged me out of my warm bed to attend Sunday School and sing in the church choir are all for naught at this point. but i better stop there before i offend one of my readers.
  • i am not a very good writer - i started and sputtered to a stop with my Great American Novel so many times in my youth, i think i'll stick to short 5 or 6 line blurbs so that i don't get in trouble (i have an over-reliance on the ellipsis...)
  • i am an attention whore - i won't be satisfied until i have 1,000 people stopping by plezWorld on a daily basis... and i happen to know it ain't gonna happen, because i don't write half as good as Field Negro or Dave J.
  • i am growing increasingly tired of the Race Card - something tells me that white folk start to think we're "crying wolf" because that damn thing gets played just about every other day... note to the AfroSpear, use it sparingly!

  • i still find that that KFC commercial to be offensive!

  • the AfroSpear ain't nothing like i thought it would be, but it has been fun watching it grow and evolve in the short time that i have been a member... and i feel privileged to be a part of it.

    in April 2007, plezWorld wrote: "...the AfroSpear is the realization of a think tank of Black (African-American) progressives to discuss, muse, and ruminate issues that affect our communities. Inasmuch, we are not a monolithic entity, the AfroSpear will encourage lively debate, discourse, and an occasional disagreement as we hone a thought or platform on a particular issue. With the power of the current bloggers on the AfroSpear list, I'm encouraged that positive and actionable results will become self-evident."

    BLOG ON!

    The AfroSpear BlogRoll


    Francis L. Holland Blog said...

    Plez, every since you wrote that April post describing what the AfroSpear is, I've been linking to it whenever someone asked me, "What's the AfroSpear?" You summarized it very succinctly and aptly.

    I'm glad to see you return to the topic and even happier and relieved, after reading what you've written, that you're still giving it positive reviews from an inside perspective.

    It is amazing how much we've grown and how much we've been able to do, as well as how much we have before us.

    plez... said...


    you are one of the true brothers that i have met as a result of my participation in the AfroSpear... we've had trying times, we've had great times, you even got mad at me and wouldn't converse with me for a couple of days (LOL!)... but it is apparent that everything that you and i have done on behalf of the AfroSpear was done out of love for Our People and wanting to make a positive impact via this most powerful medium.

    i really appreciate you!


    Blah Blah Blah said...

    Thanks for all the links. Now I have something to do during 9-5, M-F...I mean...besides working and whatnot...


    CapCity said...

    i thought i joined in...but never seem to be on any of their blog rolls...oh well, i'll keep their logo on my site...for now;-)

    plez... said...

    it may take you from 9-5 to go through all of the sites, so i suggest you take a few at a time!

    i thought i recalled that you didn't wanna participate. well, i've submitted your BLOG to the AfroSpear gods... and will await the white smoke from their chimney! *smile*

    Dave J. said...

    Appreciate the nod. I don't get many visits. Ever since I started focusing more on the heavy issues, people they don't come round so much.

    I'd be on that list if I could. Keep up the good fight my friend.