Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tech Wins 27-25 Over UNC

In a ACC game that turned out to be much more exciting than it should have been... Georgia Tech pulled out a win against North Carolina on a sparkling afternoon in Atlanta. Tech QB fumbled at 5:05 left in the fourth quarter and UNC took advantage to score a late TD. This left Tech behind by one point and needing a late fourth quarter drive to line up a Travis Bell field goal.

Read the entire game wrapup here.

My family went to the game on Saturday afternoon, but it took until Sunday afternoon for me (the high tech wiz) to figure out how to transfer the video from the SD card in my Treo 680 into plezWorld.

The Georgia Tech Gold Rush Dance Team is situated in front of my family's seats at the Georgia Tech games. So, the final score gave me the opportunity to capture them high kicking the final score of the game.

My wife grew up wanting to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader because of their long white boots... so she gets to see some long white boots every Saturday at The Flats!

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