Sunday, May 20, 2007

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Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast,
To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.
William Congreve, 1670-1729

This weekend, plezWorld had the opportunity to celebrate good music and true artistic performance, compliments of my daughter! May 19, 2007 was a big day because my five-year old daughter (the SugarPlum) had 3 performances on Saturday afternoon. At noon, she performed with her ballet class in the Atlanta Ballet Centre presentation of "Snow White". For the past 9 months, every Saturday morning finds the two of us at the ballet centre for her weekly ballet lessons. The fruits of her labor was evident in her performance on yesterday. In "Snow White", her class performed a short routine as Ballerina Butterflies with the Atlanta Ballet professionals! After the show, we gave the SugarPlum her bouquet of pink roses, took some pictures with the rest of her class, and then we were off to lunch.

The SugarPlum playing "Can-Can"
(recorded on my Palm Treo 680)

At 4:00pm, her school program began: she has been taking piano lessons for the last 2 months and she has been singing in the school chorus all year. The SugarPlum kicked off the piano recitals with her version of Jacques Offenbach's "Can-Can." She did an excellent job on the piano considering the fact that she's been taking lessons for 2 months and she's been practicing her piece for only 4 weeks! There were a total of 14 students who performed pieces for the piano recital.

After the piano recitals, she joined the school chorus for a medley of songs, including their school's "theme song": "Friends on Our Left, and Friends on Our Right" by Sally K. Albrecht. What a full day of an appreciation of music; I'm sure the SugarPlum will enjoy the love of music that we've given her at a young age.

My little girl is a true performer, who had no stage fright in any of her appearances. I'm so proud of the SugarPlum, I don't know what to do!


CapCity said...

OMIGOD, she's only FIVE! This is such a SWEEET post, Plez! U have every RIGHT to be proud to the point of BURSTING! I'm proud for u!
Thanx for sharing!

Now, I guess we'll be seeing videos of SugarPlum doing her mommy's sorority steps.
If u ever have a son U have GOT to video tape him with His PRETTY Self! that li'l video still cracks me up:-)

plez... said...

thanks for the nice words... we are so proud of the SugarPlum! *smile* the sorority steps will have to wait, even though, i am still tortured by the adorable little kids mimicking their parents' collegiate endeavors.