Monday, May 07, 2007

Ron Pettaway - A Mother's Anguish

Ron Pettaway and his brother, Roy, were both shot by Fulton County (GA) Police officers on the evening of April 15, 2007 outside the Frozen Palace nightclub in metro Atlanta. Both men were unarmed. Ron Pettaway died as a result of the shooting. As you can imagine, the family of these young men are devastated.

Earlier today, I received an e-mail message from Ron's mother (Margaret Pettaway-Ferrer) that is addressed to the Fulton County Police. My first inclination was to touch up the message before posting, but I have decided to post the e-mail message as it was received. In its current state, this message speaks to the agony and hurt that has visited the Pettaway family. I call on everyone within the sound of my voice to speak out against senseless police violence and call for these officers to be prosecuted.


my name is Margaret Pettaway ferrer Iam Ron and Roy pettaway mother.we are in pain and grief seven days a week twenty-four hours a day because of the excessive force that you all use on my two sons. my son roy in his back and shot Ron in his head and his shoulder can not get over what my sons has gone so hard to believe that Ron died with a bullet to his head and shoulder Ron did not live that way. Ron would help anybody he could talk with Ron very often, he was the kind of son a mother would be so proud of, and indeed i was. because of fulton county police department use of excessive force and disregard for human life my son is dead, and my other son with a bullet in his back. My family shamaca,roy,cruse and roy jr. Ron father we struggle to get throught each day. we break down in tears asking why did this happen to roy and Ron. I want the fulton county police department to put themselfs into our feel the terrific pain and to understand why we must get 100%justice we seek nothing officer sworn to serve and must treat everyone with all need to learn how and when to use a weapon.the police department has not yet said you are sorry about my son life,but nevertheless you have straight out lied to the public and said that they shot roy in his stomach, knowing that you shot him in his back. which leaves me struggling every hour About what to do. I often wonder will justice be enough.iam mad as hell about what you did to my sons.your excessive force has ruin my life, your excessive force has ruin my children and their father life.the pain in my childerns face of missing their brother sometimes becomes too son cruse went to his prom with a broken heart.cruse who have a 4.0 will graduate with a broken heartBecause of your excessive force, and disregard of human life the family has to go to cruse graduation morning the lost of Ron our beloved son. because of fulton county police department our son lay in a grave at twenty-six years old.fulton county police department you are out of control, and Iam outraged. My heart bleeds, my soul weeps and my spirit is in disarray. my worst fear is will justice enough. This is what excessive force and disregard of human life does to a family.

plez sez: Ron's mother must continue to live with the agony of burying her 26 year old son who was enjoying the best years of his life. it appears that the GBI is investigating the incident and i pray that indictments against these police officers are forthcoming.


mark said...

Yo Plez I have had it folks thinking that they can commit crimes against the black community and get away with it.

I am tired of it whether or not it is black people, the police or anyone else committing crime against black people.

Plez thank you for writing this article I will post your article on my blog.

Dave said...

When something like this occurs, and it is proven that excessive force was used, the guilty officers should be tried as murderers, and they should receive maximum sentence because they know better than anyone else what is, and is not, legal.

Our society thinks all you got to do is throw money to make reparations, meanwhile, this doesn't bring back the dead, and it doesn't punish the guilty.

plez... said...

thanks for spreading the word.

you can tell from Ron's mother's letter that no amount of money will be able to compensate her for her loss. i really feel bad for this family.

David Sullivan said...

I don't know enough details of this situation to comment, but that email was absolutely heartbreaking and I pray that the mother gets some piece of mind and that justice is served.

Eddie G. Griffin said...

Thanks for the update on the Pettaway family. My heart and prayers go out to them, as always, since the posting of this tragedy on my blog site. We must continue to watch Fulton County because this is still Georgia, where racial killings have been a recurring pattern. We can also push for the federal justice department to look into the matter, though the Bush administration has never been too keen on civil rights violations.

Bronzetrinity said...

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plez... said...

david and eddie and bronzed-one,
thanks for dropping by my little corner of the world. i was not around on the weekend of shooting and missed the local news coverage.

i can't speak to the victim's culpability in this matter (he had been in an altercation prior to the police arrival), but i cannot get my hands around the need for deadly force against an unarmed man. it appears that this is a training issue when police officers feel the need to shoot first and then hide behind their badges while some poor soul is bleeding to death on the street!

it is my understanding that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) has taken over the investigation. i can only imagine that it'll be a few more weeks before we hear more.

my heart continues to go out to Ron's poor mother as she continues to deal with her grief. like David said, "i pray that justice is served."

Tim said...

I am glad that the truth will finally be made public but I am not sure how these officers are ever going to be convicted if the FCPD cleared them. Does anyone know what the GBI determined?

I hope that this doesn't cause the family needless grief and disappointment.

Phil said...

Both Ron and Roy were friends of mine for years. Roy lived in Pensacola, and Ron would frequently come down from Atlanta to visit. I lost touch with both of them, and several other people from my past. I learned of Ron's death last night and Roy's psychological crash.

This is a horrible incident and I really hope the criminal police involved were held accountable. This is such a shame :(

Ron, you will be missed.