Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quote of the Day - May 23, 2007

“There has been a lot of tough talk from members of Congress about wanting to end this war, but it looks like the desire for political comfort won out over real action.”
- Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), anti-war Senator giving his reaction to the Senate moving forward with the Iraq spending bill without a pullout provision

Quote taken from US News and World Report bulletin: how antiwar ranks are angered by the passage of the Iraq spending bill.

plez sez: George Bush is on the ropes and reeling; the Democrats blink and get hit with a right hook, seemingly thrown from the upper decks!

the only reason half of the Democrats are in Washington, DC today is because WE (the people) want out of Iraq; the pullout provision of the spending bill was the ONLY leverage they had to end the war in Iraq. by caving in to the "fear" of another George Bush veto means that this mess of a war is something that the next president will have to address.

the Democrats own a majority in BOTH houses of Congress and they are too weak-willed to pull the trigger on a bill that calls for an end to the war for fear of another veto? Pul-leaze!

i said it before and i'll say it again: the Democratic Party is dead!


tom said...

when you call on the Republicans to do the right thing, you always get a busy signal, but at least you expect it. When you call on the Democrats to do the right thing, they tell you that your call is important to them, please stay on the line. Then they play some beautiful muzak for awhile. Eventually, the line goes dead. And you say some four letter words as if you didn't know it was coming.

plez... said...

i find it increasingly difficult to identify with either major political party: they rarely speak to me and they never speak for me!

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

You're right, plez. If Bush has the fortitude and determination to veto this over and over, the Dems should have enough guts to send it to him over and over!

I confess that I'm here to hijack your thread for a new installment on the "R" word. I hope you'll forgive me (again). You're a good brother, plez!

TheFreeSlave said:

"More wisdom on [racism]. [sic] My friend, Cecelia, sent me this email. Can you all get to this:

"Hi! I’ve been think about the discussion you had going about the term “race”. I could see many very passionate opinions coming up . . . and it was a wonderful discussion, intellectually . . ."

I apologize to TheFreeSlave for putting the "[sic]" after the "R" word, but I realize now that I have not referred to myself or others using the "R" word for a long time. And now, I will no longer use words based on and containing the root of the "R" word, like "racism" and "racist" and "racial." All of these words that have become staples of our communication are based on a white supremacist biological concept - "R" - that has no basis in scientific reality.

Of course we need words to describe and denote the very real concepts that were represented by the words "R" and "racism" and "racial" and "racist." The "R" word is the easiest to replace - with the phrase "Black people." It will humanize us to finally refer to ourselves as "people" rather than as anything else.

The "racism" word can be replaced with "Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder" (ECA), which is the short way to referring to the psychiatric illness of Extreme Color-Aroused Emotion, Ideation and Behavior Disorder. As Cecelia correctly reminds us, we need a greater focus on our feelings and on white people's underlying feelings. This ECEIBD definition, although longer than the term "racism," has the benefit of explicitly encouraging us to look at, describe and communicate about ALL of the emotions that underly "racism," instead of just the anger that the "racism" word regularly evokes.

The word "racial" can be replaced more accurately with the phrase, "color-groups," and even more accurately with the phrase "perceived color-groups," since the only thing that really groups beige people from New Guinea with Black people from Chicago is the color-antagonistic mind's refusal to differentiate between people, other than to say, "They're all Black! You can't tell them apart!"

The word "racist" can be replaced with the phrase "Extremely color-aroused disordered person," or "ECA disordered person," (which is quite a bit more insulting, if you think about it). Or "person with ECEIBD. Or "patient with ECEIBD." Those phrases and terms will serve as a deterrent to public behavior symptomatic of ECA.

It should be noted that we refer to "hate crimes" in legal statutes, rather than "race" crimes or "racist crimes." Did the failure to use the word "R" word in those statutes rob us of our sense of self? Of course not! It merely clarified the nature of the crime and thereby increased the likelihood that perpetrators would be convicted.

Speaking of which, we need a name for people who commit crimes when aroused by skin-color, and those crimes can be based on envy and even love, as well as hate. For them, we have the term Extreme Color-Aroused Perpetrator! One advantage of this willingness to engage in new thought is that it yields a host of catchy and newsworthy new names to call the people who target us for color-aroused abuse. Like "color-aroused abuser."

plez... said...

you are a hijacker with an "extreme color-aroused disorder"!!! *smile*