Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The War in Iraq - A Lot of Money

By coincidence, on the very day of George Bush's veto of the Iraq War Funding Bill, I came across a very interesting article at The Street Light concerning the amount of money being spent annually on the War in Iraq. The US is spending a whopping $200 billion dollars per year and that doesn't even count the cost of human life associated with the more than 3,000 US Troops who have died in this senseless war. The article puts this amount into figures that even someone like me can understand; $200 billion is A LOT OF MONEY!

plez sez: I couldn't really comprehend how much money $200 billion dollars was until I read the article. If I'm the Democratic Leadership in Congress, I'm heading up to the White House tomorrow and sitting down with George Bush. And I would tell him that we will no longer fund his war until he sets a timetable to end his crazy campaign in Iraq. I would assure him that the next bill will have a timetable and if he vetoes that one, the next bill after that will have a timetable, as well.

Personally, I don't feel that we are in a position to leave Iraq, because it is more unstable than when we showed up. It is already another Korea and Bosnia. But the cost of this occupation is too high (in human life and dollars) and I feel that the terrorist threat is actually higher because of the occupation. We need to cut our losses, back out of there, come home, and secure our borders against Al Qeada and whoever else we have alienated over the past 5 years. If we don't leave now, we'll be in Iraq until their oil wells dry up!


Maxjulian said...

This isn't a senseless war; this is cash money!!!

These folks are ringing up their cash registers at the expense of innocent lives here and abroad.

Bush ain't gonna cut the purse strings cuz his boys are selling all the weaponry that the army, navy and marines are using over there, not to mention, the mercenaries and other independent contractors doin there thing.

This war isn't senseless; its profitable.

plez... said...

now it all makes sense to me. *smile* you make a very good point. i guess we won't be pulling out any time soon!

mark said...

Yo Plez great article, I look at a little different In a way I dont mind them spending all that mullah on this war because I believe the excess cream spent on this useless makes the case stronger for universal health care.

I think the calls for universal health insurance in the richest country ever will grow louder and louder especially when the cost for universal health insurance is less than that ridicilous war.

Good post brotha plez.

Dave said...

There is a counter floating around the web that ticks off the dollars spent on the war in real time. I know you probably have seen it somewhere yourself, but just thought I would bring it up. It is really surreal to watch money be spent that fast. Let me see if I can find a link to it.

Haha, here you go Plez, check this out.


CapCity said...

War is ALWAYS about the profit$ for the few in "control". In times like these, I'm reminded to continue "tilling" my li'l corner of the earth as my ancestors did.

Live as well as u can, as long as u can = my interpretation of a statement my Great Aunt used to say to my fool-hardy cousin: "Live long as u can, son...live long as u can."

plez... said...

i guess if we removed the profit motive from wars, there would be no wars, huh?!?

Shai said...

$200 Billions. SMH. That could have done so much more here. Now our schools and businesses are suffering because of this war.

Bush make me nauseous every time he speaks. Today on the news he tried to sound so intelligent when speaking of setting a date to end the war. Knucklehead, they will know when we leave so just agree for us to leave.

David Sullivan said...

Couldn't we have saved Social Security with 200 billion?

Clinton got impeached for getting a hummer.

I want to steal a scene from "Dog Day Afternoon":

(To Bush)

Me: Kiss Me.

Bush: What?

Me: Kiss Me?

Bush: What?

Me: Kiss me, I like to be kissed when I'm getting fucked.

CapCity said...

I give bush one thing - he seems to have bought the country back together....against him. LOL! Even his own party is like "what da hale?"

Dave said...

Right on. 200 Billion is a whole lot of social problems erased.

plez... said...

it's all well and good, but i seriously doubt Bush (and his minions) would see fit to spend $200 billion on any social programs, that sort of goes against the conservative way of doing things!

Anali said...

I heard a report a few days ago that it was recently determined that Iraq has twice as much oil as was originally believed. It makes more sense why Bush is so adamant about "staying the course." I bet if we found out that there wasn't much oil at all, things would be a whole lot different.

plez... said...

i'll have to look that up, because if that is the case, it goes to my theory that we'll NEVER leave iraq.