Friday, May 11, 2007

Hotter than July

Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder from the "Hotter than July" LP

After surviving the shortest Spring in recent memory, Summertime rolled into Georgia this week and it is definitely "HOTTER THAN JULY" around here. I know the official start of Summer is still over a month away, but I'm already feeling the heat!

Spring got a very late start this year: early April. And it didn't stick around very long either, as evidenced by the thermometer in my car this afternoon. Yeah, it registered 107 degrees on the afternoon of May 11! Al Gore must've been on to something with his treatise on global warming, it felt like another glacier was fixing to slide into the Atlantic this afternoon!

My summertime routine began this week: the sprinklers are set to water the lawn every other day (I can't remember the last time we had any substantial rain), the cushions are in place on the lawn chairs, the grill is cleaned and ready to go, and i sat outside this evening under the stars sipping on a cold tall one! And how can I forget, all of the cooling units and ceiling fans are up and running.

plezWorld is gonna take it easy and settle in for a long, hot summer... as the weather will be like this until September!


mark said...

Steve's the man no more needs to be said.

Keith said...

Thursday I was reminded why I hate the summer. It was hot in NYC and unseasonably humid. I'm not ready for this mess. (Stevie is the shizzle.)