Thursday, May 03, 2007

Barack Obama Gets Secret Service Protection

All of the major news outlets (including CNN) are reporting that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, a U.S. senator from Illinois, has been placed under the protection of the Secret Service. Apparently, this is the earliest (close to 18 months before the November 2008 elections) that a contender for the White House has been given this type of protection. U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton has had Secret Service protection since her days in the White House as the First Lady and will continue to enjoy it for life.

The news article goes on to say:
The Secret Service said that this is not the result of any specific, credible threat against Obama, but they will admit that the campaign has received hate mail, calls, and other "threatening materials." They said the request stemmed from what one called the "cumulative effect" of a heavier campaign schedule, larger crowds and "just the growing perception internally" that it was time to take additional security precautions that are best suited for the Secret Service.

plez sez: i like Barack Obama and i believe he has the vision necessary to change the direction of this country. i am glad that he will begin to receive the protection he needs to ensure that he makes it through the primary season alive. it is also a sad day in America when someone who stands for what is good and right cannot spread a message of hope without fear of reprisals. unfortunately, America continues to harbor an ugly underbelly of hate and ignorance (i can only imagine what hateful things have been said about Obama and his family).

i pray for the life and vitality of Barack Obama and his family as i pray for America; i cannot wait to cheer his Inaugural Address!

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plez... said...

i went to his rally in Atlanta a few weeks ago. when he approached the stage through the throngs of people, it didn't appear to be much in the way of security around him (he did enter the area through a baracade of temporary metal fencing. and later as my daughter and i were driving home, i was shocked when his motorcade (a mini van and 2 police motorcycles) zoomed by my car. once again, i thought that he would've garnered more "protection" than that for a rally which drew more than 20,000 people!

i'm glad that he now has the protection he deserves.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Yea, I am a supporter of Obama as well and an admirer of his wife. I worry about him. Then, I worry about how certain people are trying to drive a wedge between him and other black folk. The coming election year is going to be an interesting ride.

mark said...

I am going to contribute cash to obama Ive never done that before.

plez... said...

i worry about any Black man who tries to do what's right. there are so many detractors, so many negative forces at work, so many people who can only ferret out the bad... when we have a brilliant visionary, who offers so much hope. i understand that he is not a saint, but i happen to feel that the good far outweighs the bad.

and yes, i worry about Obama, too.

i plan to contribute to his campaign, as well. this will be a first for me, too!

CapCity said...

I want to know who's going to be running WITH Obama. I will keep him in my prayers (along with the prayer that he brings his FINE self to visit my church in nyc...yea, i know & am glad he's happily married - but it don't hurt to enjoy God's Visual Delights;-)

plez... said...

the smart money would probably team Obama with Clinton, but i'm not that smart. she seems to be so easily swayed politically and geographically, i wonder what the wisdom would be to run TWO northern (chicago & nyc) liberals on the same ticket when a good number of the swing states are down south.

Al Gore maybe? if he decides to run. i could see Obama with Edwards (out of north carolina), but i have serious doubts about his viability considering his wife's illness. i would've said Richardson out of new mexico before his weak showing at the democratic debate in sc. the rest of the field leans so far LEFT, i don't think they would provide much balance to the ticket.

i guess he needs to give Colin Powell a call, huh?!? *smile*

Dave said...

I think it's good that he has been offered these type of assurances, and protection. The more popular he becomes, the more I fear for his life, I know how messed up some people really are.

plez... said...

i guess this means that Obama is a SERIOUS contender for the Presidency. to my way of thinking, this is a SICK & SAD way to validate our candidates... by the amount and veracity of the hate mail and death threats one receives!

aulelia said...

i hope he is given all the support he needs. i just have this great feeling that he will go far.

Keith said...

If I was getting racist death threats when I started my little blog, then I can only imagine what Obama is going through. I just hope he doesn't have "Reno 911" rejects guarding him!

plez... said...

aulelia & keith,
thanks for coming by my little corner of the world and blessing me with your presence.

i am expecting BIG THINGS from barack obama (and i will be greatly disappointed if he fades away like colin powell - when he was a HOT comodity, i stood in line for 3 hours to meet and have powell sign his book).

we'll be saddled with racism and racist pigs (to borrow a phrase from my wife) until the end of time, i guess we gotta keep on keepin' on! i just hope the secret service gets IT right,every time.