Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Barry Bonds - Hank Aaron's Record Minus 10

...and counting!

This is a home video of Barry Bonds hitting #715:

Barry Bonds jacked home run number 745 last night. He is approaching his destiny of solidifying himself as the preeminent baseball player of ALL TIME.

Pitcher (and whiner) Curt Schilling has gone on the record for saying that Bonds doesn't "deserve" to break the home run record of Hank Aaron. Schilling says, "I mean, there's no gray area. He admitted to cheating on his wife, cheating on his taxes, and cheating on the game, so I think the reaction around the league, the game, being what it is, in the case of what people think. Hank Aaron not being there. The commissioner [Bud Selig] trying to figure out where to be. It's sad."

plez sez: around this time last year, plezWorld opined that Barry Bonds didn't have enough juice in his legs to carry him to Aaron's record... boy, was i wrong! not only does it look like he's going to break the record, now i don't see him stopping until he reaches 775 or more! i'll definitely revisit this after he rounds the bases for number 756.

Curt Schilling has been drinking that Haterade! Barry Bonds never admitted to cheating on his wife, never admitted to cheating on his taxes, and never admitted to using steroids... this whole "holier-than-thou" reaction from MLB and the media is sickening! it makes me ill. by his mere presence and athletic excellence, Barry Bonds has done more for the game of baseball than ANYONE who's ever strapped on a set of cleats (save Hank Aaron, who had to weather death threats on his way to breaking Babe Ruth's record, and Jackie Robinson, who had to weather death threats while just going to play everyday).

if he took any performance enhancing drugs during his years in San Francisco, he is no different than any other ballplayer over the past 30 years who did the same to get out there and play 160 games per season. some took steroids, some took cortisone shots,some took HGH, some took aspirin, some took greenies, some took amphetamines... but everyone takes something! if you are going to pick and choose which "drugs" are good performance enhancers and which ones are bad performance enhancers, then you are doing a grave injustice to the game. i don't see anyone advocating the ban of all performance enhancing drugs. and to top it all off, there is NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that Barry Bonds took any performance enhancing drugs, because you (and i) know that his ass would've been publicly drummed outta major league baseball if they had even a shred of evidence. he is a pariah to the media, but NO ONE can dispute his baseball abilities.

i'm not even going to go into the racial ramifications of this Barry Bonds witch hunt! i am a bit surprised that Hank Aaron is letting himself become part of the conspiracy by the lily-white media to lambast and ostracize Bonds. after all the shit he had to go through while breaking Ruth's record, Aaron, of all people, should see this assault on Bonds for what it is!

lastly, Bonds sure as HELL ain't on anything now (i bet they take a sample every time he takes a piss)... and he's still on pace to own the home run record this season. STOP THE HATE... relax and enjoy being able to witness the greatest baseball player in the history of the game!


Dave said...

Bonds isn't just a power hitter either. He recently surpassed Ricky Henderson's record for most bases gained via walks.

plez... said...

Bonds is just a victim of not liked by the media. they will pile on, create something out of nothing, and deride him at every chance... but guess what? he just keeps hitting homers!

they refuse to cover how hard he works in the off-season to stay in shape. they refuse to talk about how his productivity has not dropped off in the last 3 years after the steroids matter came to a head (like Mark McGuire or Sammy Sosa).

if he hadn't passed Babe Ruth last year and if he wasn't in the hunt for Hank Aaron's record this season, Barry Bonds wouldn't even be bad press by the media (they would be ignoring him).

Anali said...

Last I read on Curt Schilling's blog, he realized that he had no right to say what he said and has apologized. Maybe things will quiet down now. It will be interesting to see what happens.

CapCity said...

I don't know much about Bonds - I just don't want Hank Aaron's record broken. BUT, if Bonds can do it - fine. I still think Hank Aaron is the GREATEST Athlete in the sense that back then - the athletes weren't pampered and the SHYT that Aaron had to go through makes him that much more a SUPER-STAH in my book! Sure, Bonds is getting grief & going thru his own share of crap - but his life is CUSHY compared to our Athletes of YesterYEAR!

David Sullivan said...

Bonds is a dick, plain and simple.

That being said Schilling is a loud mouth know-it-all who has more opinions than brain cells.

Everyone was doing steriods or Human Growth Hormone in the 80's and 90's, so you can't fault him for that. Everyone says how big his head is, but look at Clemens's head...huge!! (big noggin is a side effect of steroid use)

Hank Aaron is the epitome of class and determination, so its tough to see his record fall, but hey..records are made to be broken..even by the bad guys sometimes.

plez... said...

i hope nothing happens... i just hope we won't be hearing anything else from Curt Schilling... because his hands aren't completely clean in this whole steroids/congressional hearings thing!

i understand that you don't know much about Bonds... just know this: he's the best baseball player, ever.

i have mad respect for Hank Aaron for the burden he had to shoulder back in 1974 as he broke Babe Ruth's record, but he had to know that his record would eventually be broken! i think it is quite small of him to ignore this accomplishment by Barry Bonds. his reputation has definitely suffered (in my eyes) because of his behavior of late.

plez... said...

Bonds is an ass! he is probably the most hated baseball player on the planet, but the fact remains that he is closing in on breaking the loftiest record in baseball... we can at least hold our noses when we give him his props! *smile*

David Sullivan said...

I agree that Bonds is one of the greatest players of all time.

His head is one of the biggest in the game (literally and figuratively) His head is soooo big.

My kids watch "Little Bill" all the time (Nickelodeon). Proportionallly his head looks bigger than Little Bill's.

Dave said...

Steroid uses causes you to have a big head? I never heard this before. I know they say it shrinks your testicles, gives you acne, mood swings, tumors... but a big noggin?

endangered coffee said...

People hate Bonds primarily because he comes off as an arrogant ass. I don't really care much about him one way or the other, but I am amused by the hand-wringing and rending of garments he induces in the sports press. If we take away Bonds stats for steriod use, we'd end up having to go back to 1982 and start over with the record books.

Course, maybe that would get Jim Rice in the Hall of Fame where he belongs.

CapCity said...

Plez - what, pray tell, has Hank Aaron said or done to dismiss Bond? Clue a sistah IN! u know u're one of my greatest sources of news;-). LOL!

plez... said...

back in 2004, Bonds testified to a grand jury that he used "a clear substance and a cream given to him by a trainer who was indicted in a steroid-distribution ring."

Hank Aaron took exception to that revelation and has maintained since that time that Bonds cheated. Aaron is quoted as saying, "Drugs won't help you hit the ball. But can they make you recuperate consistently enough to hit the kind of home runs that these guys are hitting?"

to my way of thinking, Bonds is no longer using the "clear substance and cream" any longer, but he's still hitting home runs. i will reiterate that Bonds has not been found guilty of taking steroids to enhance his performance and i don't think that Aaron (as great as he was) is in a position to pass judgement on the guy's integrity as a ball player.

make no mistake, Barry Bonds is an ASS and he is not a very likable guy. but that still does not diminish his accomplishments in the field of play.

plez... said...

i cited a ESPN specific article for the quotes used in my comments above. thanks.

CapCity said...

hmmm, this is part devil's advocate & part refusal to let go of respect I have for H. Aaron (but i do realize he's human & fallible:-):
Maybe the fact that Bonds was using that "clear" mystery cream is enough to discount some of his earlier home-runs because of the cream's 'boost'?? That pro-sports biz is awfully murky & Aaron is closer in that mix than we, maybe he knows something we don't. U don't REALLY believe everything U hear in these shady U.S. courts DO u? I don't know, plez...i'm just sayin' the things that make me go hmmmmmm;-)

tom said...

He's almost 43 and almost leading the league in homers? are you kidding me? this guy could be the oldest MVP ever by the time the season's over! (and, um, that would be, what, his 8th MVP when no one else ever got it more than 3 times?)

The man can hit like nobody could ever hit before him. As Papi just said, not steroids or anything can make you hit the ball.

haterade! that's a good one!!

plez... said...

you, like Hank Aaron, are welcome to your opinion (no matter how wrong they may be! *smile)... but the fact remains (creams notwithstanding) Barry Bonds is about to be the owner of the home run title... and being abandoned by the MLB Commissioner and Hank Aaron will not change that fact.

HATERADE flows in the streets like "milk and honey"! records were made to be broken, but i'm afraid the person who will break Bond's record isn't born yet... he is just a freak of nature!

CapCity said...

:-)...Plez, I think u should run for some kind of office. U're incredibly diplomatic & that's SO SEXY (i mean that in the nicest sense, no disrespect meant to Mrs. Plez:-)!

plez... said...

no disrespect taken...

Dave said...


It is truly awesome how some conversations boil down.

Dave said...

Phew, that should have read L-M-A-O. Time to retire.

Billy said...

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