Tuesday, May 15, 2007

President Clinton on Hillary

President Bill Clinton talks about Hillary's life of public service and why he feels that she is the right choice to be president.

plez sez: your thoughts?


plez... said...

i like Bill Clinton and his endorsement of Hillary gives her instant cache (in my book)... but i'm still in Barack Obama's corner. i feel that he has vigor and vision to lead America after 8 years of George Bush.

i am not even convinced that she would be a great match with Obama on the 2008 ticket (seeing as both of them represent large Northern Blue states), the Democratic ticket will have to be balanced with a Southerner, if the Democrats seriously plan to take back the White House.

to my way of thinking, my dream ticket would be Al Gore and Barack Obama!

Anonymous said...

What else is he going to say? That she is a really dumb woman for sticking with me through some of my bullshit, or maybe that you can see that she will take a whole lot to get where she wants to be?

Bill doesn't have much credibiltiy with me. He certainly hasn't earned it.

Francis Holland said...

I don't think putting a white man on the ticket is going to help the Democrats, and not just because the Democrats have lost 5 of the last 7 elections with white men at the top of the ticket.

John Edwards didn't win North Carolina for the Democrats when he was on the ticket, and Al Gore didn't win Tennessee for the Democrats when he ran for president. Let's face it: There are some Southern states that the Democrats aren't going to win no matter WHO is on the ticket, because it's a matter of issues, not just a matter of gender and sex.

plez... said...

i think Bill HAD to do that infomercial for Hillary, I'm only surprised it took this long for it to come out.

i'll follow you only so far on the white man monopoly theory: there are certain realities in this country, and the President being the "front man" for the country is one of them. i would love to see Obama as the President and another minority as the VP, but by-and-large the decision as to who will be on the ticket will be made by a group largely made up of white men!

now, i agree that some Southern red states (like the one i live in) will never support a Democrat, but there are some (like Tennessee) that will... remember that Al Gore narrowly lost Tennesee and Florida in 2000.

Dave J. said...

I believe that whether it is Obama, or Hillary, the sad truth is both will end up with their hands tied, with a diminished ability to enact change and push legislation, because the reality is, the "Old Boys Club" is neither Democrat or Republican, and none of them respect minorities.

Until the "Old Money," and the white males who are still around from the days of rampant racism / sexism are out of office, the most effectively ineffective worst case scenario is picking the lesser of two evils. I look at Hillary and Obama as an either/or... I would love to see either of them win, but what will be the outcome if they do? The hypotheticals scare me.

Whatever happens in this next election could seriously decide the fate of our nation, and its place in the global arena for the next 20-50 years. I just hope that whoever wins has the courage to stand up to the power elite, even if it means putting their life in jeopardy.

plez... said...

you have a point there, because the President can only do so much. if nothing else, Bush has done a great deal to lay out a template for creating power (via the Patriot Act, War in Iraq, War on Terror, politicizing the Attorney General's Office, et al.) and dimishing the rights of individuals without fear of reprisal. the next President (whether they are Democrat or Republican) will have unprecedented powers in the Executive Branch, unless he/she decides to relinquish them while restoring trust and honor to the Office of the US President.

Francis Holland said...
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plez... said...

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I already feel that I cannot trust Hilary....she changes her mind a great deal. I know that presidents do that often but it is a bad sign when a candidate does that even before the election. I will vote for someone who has a consistent record in what they stand for-I am not sure who that is yet but I will certainly throw all my support behind the person I am voting for. I think that a Blogger has considerable influence in the elections anymore...if they can decide who to vote for.

CapCity said...

Didn't watch the info-mercial but did i really need to? Bill just wants to be the FIRST First-husband:-)