Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quote of the Day - May 24, 2007

"It ties into geometry. They’re cutting shapes.”
- Patricia Martin, principal of the high school for pregnant girls in (Harlem) New York City, describing the quilting project that is taking place in the geometry class

Quote taken from the New York Times article about the planned closing of New York City's four remaining p-schools.

plez sez: i hope you took a few minutes to read the article, because quite possibly, this is the saddest thing i've seen/read all month. i know young people make mistakes, but to sentence these girls (and their kids) to a life of second-class citizenry is appalling. very few of these girls will ever see a diploma, which will make them virtually unemployable.

their kids will undoubtedly grow up on the bottom rung of the socio-economic ladder, more than likely without a father and living on public assistance for the entirety of their lives. of course, this pattern of low self-esteem and low expectations will become a way of life for the child, who will probably repeat the same behavior of his/her mother, thus creating another generation of uneducated, unmotivated, and unemployed citizens.

in my opinion, they cannot close these schools fast enough!


Eddie G. Griffin said...

Thank you for this article. It only compounds and complicates the issue I am now dealing with, concerning black boys.

CapCity said...

See? This is why I love PlezWorld:-) - i'm learning something about the city I live in from a brother in the ATL. LOL! thanx for this info. Plez.

When u have the time, I'd like u to check out the latest poem on my blog. I just wonder if the poem expresses the thoughts of committed men?


plez... said...

i appreciate your compliment. i am so glad that you continue to visit and bless my site with your presence... i'll bop over to yours in a bit and check out your poetry. thanks again!